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After You Submit Your Grant If Your Request is Approved
  • Upon successful submission of the grant request, the requestor will receive confirmation of the submission.
  • During the review process, the requestor may receive email correspondence requesting additional information or clarification regarding your submission. A prompt response is vital to continue the grant review process.
  • No requestor should consider a grant request approved until an email approval notification from EducationalGrants@Indivior.com has been received.
  • Previous support from Indivior does not guarantee future support. Each grant request is evaluated based on its merits and in consideration of funding availability.
  • Prior to funding being provided, a signed contract is required.
  • Once funding is received, a Receipt of Funds form must be submitted promptly.
  • If the scope of the activity changes, the grantee must clearly document the change of scope and notify Indivior for review and approval in advance of the activity.
  • The modified activity will be reviewed by the IME Grant Review Committee and evaluated to reassess approval and determine if a return of funding is warranted.
  • Upon conclusion of the activity, the grantee will be notified of the due date for reconciliation data. Failure to reconcile the grant and/or return unused funds may jeopardize the review of future grant submissions. The grantee will be required to provide the following documentation:
    • Final Reconciled Budget
    • Outcomes Report